About Us

Torben and the goatsThree Hills Goat Range is a family owned and operated enterprise. Torben and Jackie Pedersen acquired this pretty piece of property, consisting of rolling hills, with broad meadows a large pond and ample woodlands, as an early investment for retirement.

In order to improve our property and protect our investment, we researched what green-belt opportunities would be most suited to our land and our circumstances. It became clear that the quality of our pastures together with greater than 40% woodlands and substantial outcroppings of limestone ledge added up to an environment which was uniquely suited for rearing meat goats.


Savannah & TaylorNever having raised livestock before, we actively communicated with many ranchers and visited some operations, including a local meat goat research project, under the direction of Dr. Richard Browning of the University of Tennessee in Nashville.

Starting with a herd of 20, we are building upon our growing experience and plan to develop to a breeding herd of roughly 200 does. Young grandparents, we also see this endeavor as an opportunity to bring the generations together in a pursuit that gives our growing family a common interest, encouraging special contributions from one and all.



Jackie and the goatsWhy Kiko’s? We ardently believe that the Kiko goat is absolutely the best suited to our land and our circumstances. Bred in New Zealand from a cross between feral goats and dairy goats, the Kiko (meaning ‘meat’ in Maori, the native New Zealand language), is exceptionally energetic, tough and self-sustainable. The breed is parasite resistant, displays excellent maternal instincts and aggressive foraging, even in less than ideal environments! With our hilly, limestone ledged terrain, we seldom need to trim a hoof and the animals are not prone to hoof maladies. Most importantly, from a commercial perspective, they are a non-seasonal breeder and able to thrive on natural pasture and browse on a year-round basis with little or no supplemental feeding!