Our Bucks


S-14: MGR Titan’s Conan: KPMGR991160



DOB: 07-05-04: Prince came to our ranch in September, 2006. From the Lightin’s Titan bloodline, we bought Prince at an Auction in September 2006 from Dr. Robie Robinson of Bluestem Farms (VA). Being a bottle-fed buck, from a litter of triplets (two sisters!) Prince has a pleasant disposition and definitely gets things done! Our ‘alpha buck’, he is a prime example of a Kiko buck - exceptionally sturdy with an impressive set of horns!

Sire: MGR Lightin’s Titan (KPMGR 1001006)
Dam: Lightin’s Lady (KPMGR98045)



U-49: AGF Joshua: KPAGF991162



DOB: 03-20-06: Josh came to our ranch in September, 2006. With Goatex Generator and Money Maker genetics, we bought Prince at an Auction in September 2006 from Kyle Jonak (Keedysville, MD). He is an exceptionally pleasant buck, easy to work with and eager to get things done. His performance will be monitored as we put him to the does this Autumn. As he grows into maturity, Josh continues to exhibit the beauty and stamina of the Kiko breed!

Sire: Prince Charming (KPCCR97821)
Dam: CCR TAZ Girl (KPCCR100025)


Our Does


U-44: AGF Doe Maker One: KPAGF981163



DOB: 04-05-06: This large-framed doe is a twin with Goatex Generator genes. Beautiful to behold, with silky white angora hair, Juliette exhibits many leadership qualities. An extremely aggressive forager, she has been put with our buck, Prince, this September and we have high hopes for some progeny in early Spring 2008!

Sire: Prince Charming (KPCCR97821)
Dam: AGF Nibby (KPAGF98002)



U-26: MGR Hammers Lady: KPMGR991142



DOB: 03-07-06: Every ranch has it’s favorites and Piglette is definitely one of ours! A twin with a star-studded geneology that is filled with Goatex Generator and Lightin genese, we really should consider a more elegant name – but the reputation of her eating habits procedes her! She presented us with the first kid of our second kidding season this year – a strong and sturdy buckling (pictured here a few hours after birth). Piglette is definitely a good forager and exhibits exemplary maternal instincts!

Sire: MGR Titan’s Hammer (KPMGR1001026)
Dam: Lightin’s Lady M07 (KPMGR99007)



U-22 MGR Hammers Lady: KPMGR991141



DOB: 03-02-06: A twin, Belle has always been very inquisitive and social in nature. She is an aggressive forager, leading our herd manager to call her ‘Pistol’ – but we demur. Her impressive geneology is studed with Goatex Generator, Goatex Goliath and Lightin. She is currently running with our buck, Prince, and we expect some great kids in early Spring (if not before).

Sire: MGR Titan’s Hammer (KPMGR1001026)
Dam: Lightin’s Lady L32 (KPMGR97032)


Snow White

S04: MGR Lightin’s Lady: KPMGR 752377


“Snow White”

DOB 01-08-04: Snow White is of Goatex and Lightin genetics and an excellent breeder, typically producing twins (and often twin doelings!). She is a strong, attractive animal, exhibiting more typically Kiko traits. A excellent mother, in February 2007, she presented us with a doeling and a buckling!

Sire: Sunboy Waco 139 Lightin (KPSPK100139)
Dam: AKR Lady 927 (KPAKR 50927)


Little Blue

L-45: MGR Lightins Girl: KPMGR501139


“Little Blue”

DOB: 10-25-97: Our oldest doe, Little Blue presented us with a set of triplet doelings during our first kidding season on the ranch, in February 2007! An excellent mother, she has exhibited impressive resiliency during the severe weather that we’ve experience in Middle Tennessee this year, with an exceptionally cold late winter and then 100 year records for heat in the Summer!

Sire: Sunboy Waco 139 Lightin (KPSPK100139)
Dam: Studded SP Doe (KP100SPSTUDD)



M4: MGR Lightins Girl: KPMGR501138



DOB: 10-16-98: Sarge is a Kiko/Spanish cross and displays temperament typical of the Spanish breed. A great leader, she has been helpful in teaching the younger does in proper foraging techniques (especially avoiding toxic plants and changing diet in accordance with the season). She is a strong animal with excellent self-sustainability skills.

Sire: Sunboy Waco 139 Lightin (KPSPK100139)
Dam: Studded SP Doe (KP100SPSTUDD)


Big Mama

M01: AKR Lady 927: KPAKR50927


“Big Mama”

DOB 04-09-00: Big Mama is a Kiko Boer cross with Goetex and Money Maker Kiko genetics. She is our ‘alpha female’ and an excellent mother. During our first kidding, in February 2007, she produced triplets! She is a big bossy and enjoys more than her share of attention when running with Prince, but overall a robust and resilient animal!

Sire: KPBR97181123
Dam: KPCCR100027

A Few Pictures

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